Listing, Advertising, Inspections & Open Houses

Selling Your Florida Mobile HomeListing Photographs – This part is as important as cleaning up your home for sale. You want pictures that clearly show your mobile or manufactured home and make it look attractive and inviting. Make sure the pictures are well lit and clutter free. You can Google how to take great Real Estate pictures. It is important to remember that the listing is the first impression your buyer will have. So make sure the picture are done well.

Advertising your Home – You will need to list your home on the internet. Statistics show that 85% of all home buyers use the internet first for researching a home to buy. To attract potential buyers you will want to list your home on as many sites as possible. Some of these sites are free and others charge to list your home. If you do some research you should be able to figure out which sites are the best to list your property. Remember to research keywords as well and add them to your listing ads as this will help potential buyers find your home in their searches. Review a few dozen listings before your write your ad to give you an idea of how your listing should be written

Inspections and Open Houses – Once you have your home listed you will want to schedule an open house. Running a great open house is not difficult. You can also Google how to do a successful open house. Getting people to come to your open house takes some effort and good marketing. You can also expect to have potential buyers want to see your home. Sometimes they will not want to come at a time that is best for you, but you will need to do your best to accommodate them. If possible try to work only with people who have been pre-qualified. You will then know if they are serious buyers. You may also run into cash buyer. Do not be afraid to ask the potential buyer if they are pre-qualified or are paying cash.

The Art of the Deal – Once you find a buyer the negotiations will begin. If you have priced your home correctly and it shows well this may be an easy deal to close. But be prepared to have to haggle on the price with some buyers. Do not let yourself get pushed around or settle on a price you are uncomfortable with just because it is the first offer you have received. Be ready to walk away from an offer you are not comfortable with.

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