For Mobile Home Park Developers…

We believe this to be a win-win opportunity for mobile home park developers interested in building mid to high-end mobile home communities. As baby boomers are beginning to retire, mobile homes are gaining popularity as an alternative to owning a traditional home. And as it goes with dilapidated homes that get torn down, so should dilapidated mobile home parks. Building mid to upper-scale communities with modern amenities. There would be more affordable mobile homes in the community all the way up to high-end mobile homes.

We’d like to sell these mobile homes for you so you can focus on your investment…the grounds and amenities that makes people want to live there. And people in nicer neighborhoods tend to keep up with the Jones’s – wouldn’t you agree? Let us handle filling your mobile homes with people who want to be part of a community.

To discuss opportunities with Mobile Home Sales of Florida LLC, simply contact us.

Looking forward to discussing a win-win with you!

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