Completing the Sale of Your Florida Mobile / Manufactured Home

Selling Your Florida Mobile HomeCompleting the Sale – All of the ownership documentation must be transferred to the new owner. When a mobile or manufactured home resides in community where the lot is leased you will need to do a title transfer. This is really no different than a car or truck title transfer. This document generally includes name and address of buyers and sellers, date of sale, selling price, and appropriate signatures.

Proof of Residence – In certain states a Proof of Residence will be needed before the new owners can move in. This is basically record of resident for insurance and zoning purposes.

Bill of Sale – It is strong suggested that all sellers provide the buyer with a Bill of Sale. This will protect the seller in the event of any litigation by the buyer. This document should include information such as make and model of home, year it was manufactured, size of the home and the serial number assigned to that home by its manufacturer. The address of the property and amount paid should also be included. If you Google “Bill of Sale for Used Manufactured Homes” you will find many free examples to download and use.

Sales Tax – If the mobile or manufactured home you are selling resides in a mobile home community then sales tax will have to be paid when the home is sold. This tax us paid by the buyer and must be paid at the time of closing. It is very important to remember that there may also be a county and city sales tax.

Registration Fees – These Fees vary depending on local and state laws. In many states a fee is charged for the length of the mobile home and for each section of the mobile or manufactured home that is sold. A single fee would be charged for a single wide home but 2 Fees would have to be paid for a doublewide and of course 3 Fees for a triple wide. The stickers are then put in one of the front windows so it is visible from the street.

Final Thoughts – Selling your own mobile or manufactured home can be an overwhelming task. Many times, you are so busy with kids, jobs and life, you just do not have the time do this yourself. It is those times you need to hire a professional and experienced Broker/Agent who can guide you through the process and handle all of the tasks for you. You will find that a Broker/Agent can get this done quickly and efficiently; saving you time and stress.

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