Advantages of Owning a Mobile Home

Advantages of Owning a Mobile / Mfg Home in FloridaThinking of buying a mobile home in north, central, or south Florida? It is less expensive than buying a “house,” and it is cheaper to maintain.

Misconceptions of Mobile Homes

In certain desirable areas of north, central, and south Florida, you’ll find a preponderance of mobile homes: mobile home parks around lakes, near beaches, pet-friendly, 55+, all age parks – Sometimes these are places that once seemed a long drive from a metropolitan job center, but with more people willing to commute, more jobs in far-flung suburbs and outskirts of cities, and bigger and better highways, some of these areas potentially see property values increase.

Also, double-wide mobile homes tend to remain at the purchase value or even appreciate. Double-wide mobile homes are very common in retirement communities, where values continue to increase.

Benefits of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are less expensive to buy – and at about 1,100 square feet for a single-wide, living space is similar to a small two-bedroom house or relatively large apartment. A double-wide has about 1,700 square feet, making it as big as many “houses or townhomes.” Property taxes and insurance also cost less for a mobile / manufactured home than for a “house.”

Considerations of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are cheaper than a “house” to maintain in several ways. Fixing a mobile home roof costs less than fixing a traditional shingled roof, and adding a new roof over the top of the old one costs less than putting a new roof on a “house.” The furnace can be more reasonably priced because it heats a smaller living space and one floor only. Your heating bills will be lower because of the more compact space, particularly if you do some winterizing.

Function of Mobile Homes

If you’re looking at the mobile home as a short-term option (less than 5 years), you will most likely be able to sell it for at least what you paid for it, as long as you keep the building in great shape. A used mobile home will cost less than a new one, so people will be inclined to buy a used one if it’s almost like new.

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